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We are your reliable on-demand window cleaning service. We deliver friendly office & shop cleaning on a budget.

Office Cleaning and Shop Cleaning

Providing a clean office environment is a key component of a modern, effective organisation

From reception area, offices, meeting rooms, washrooms to kitchens we will tailor your office cleans to your exact requirements including frequency, depth of clean, time of clean.

  • Our cleans can include:

    • Emptying bins and replace bin bags

    • Vacuuming carpets

    • Mopping floor area / deep clean

    • Wiping clean and disinfect door handles

    • Wiping skirting boards and painted surfaces

    • Dusting/polishing surfaces

    • Spot cleaning (e.g. tea spills)

    • Staff washrooms and WCs

    • Kitchen and food prep areas

    • Cleaning cafeterias, staff rooms and kitchens

  • Our window cleans can include:

    • Water fed pole system

    • Traditional clean

    • Inside shop / office window clean

    • External fascia cleaning

    • Pure water

    • Smoking Shelters

    • Ladder traditional clean

    • local professional team

Clean offices improve productivity 

The average employee loses nine working days a year to sickness, some of which may be attributed to a lack of workplace hygiene.

  • 60% of absences from work illnesses are contracted from dirty equipment in the office such as e-coli, staph and bacteria.

  • With 65% of office workers sharing phones and computers, and with a whopping 25,127 germs per square inch found on just a telephone, employers need to take cleanliness seriously.

  • A typical office keyboard can carry up to 7,500 bacteria at any given time.

  • Viruses such as the flu can linger on unclean surfaces such as work desks or electronic equipment for 24 hours. 

Staff washrooms and WC's

workers in a clean office and facilities get more work done, which helps with profitability in the long-term

Floor area deep clean

you are less likely to be distracted by cluttered and dirty floors, and that a greater level of concentration leads to more and better work being done

Window cleaning

Viruses such as the flu & covid-19 can linger on unclean surfaces such as windows and glass areas

Mopping floor cleans

Reduce harm to employee's by having a clean floor service, reducing slips and falls can help keep employee's safe and happy

Achieve a cleaner office environment

If you're looking for office cleaners to maintain a spotless working environment, ensure the health of staff and maximise productivity, request a quote or site survey today.

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